Weather and Air Quality Policy

  • RYBA will cancel and post updates by 4:30pm; after 4:30pm coaches decide
  • Thunder/Lightning – “If you can hear it, clear it.”
  • Air quality index 101 - 150 (orange) OR Heat index 100℉ -104℉, shorten events, reduce intensity, take more breaks
  • Air quality index ≥ 151 (red or worse) OR Heat index ≥ 104℉, events cancelled

In cases where RYBA does not cancel events organizationally, RYBA empowers coaches to make weather or environmental cancellation decisions for their teams. Coaches should be in communication with one another about field conditions and weather. Use TeamSnap to communicate with your team when cancelling a practice or game.

RYBA's measured approach to cancelling events attempts to account for the variation in field conditions across the city. Rain or storms can pass through sections of the city rendering a set of fields unplayable while another section of the city is untouched by rain. 

Consider shortening practice or keeping to the outfield in conditions that are cooler or wetter than ideal. Your knowledge of your players and field will come to help you make a decision that works best for your team.