Southern Minny Teams

Team Names, Logos and Merchandise

In 2022, the RYBA Southern Minny program introduced a new set of team logos. The 10 unique logos are a tribute to the spirit of Rochester, and are featured on the jerseys of our youth players during the season. These logos were created through a partnership with local graphic designer Lee Green of Greenhouse Grafix.

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Rochester Ringers

The Rochester Carillon provides an unmistakable soundtrack for downtown Rochester. The original 23 bronze bells were donated by the Mayo brothers to produce music for the enjoyment of the community. Perched in the tower of the Plummer Building, the current collection of 56 bells are played by the carillonneur each weekday. The Ringers name and logo pay tribute to this impressive instrument and those that work to share its music with the community.

Resounding. Coordinated. Go Ringers!


Rochester Crows

Crows are intelligent and highly adaptable birds that have woven themselves into the fabric of Rochester. Many crows live in the area year round with large clusters congregating in trees in and around downtown in the winter months. They are likely drawn to the downtown area by its warmth, safety, and food supply. The sense of community demonstrated by crows is admirable. Crows roost together to provide security for one another. Mature crows will often locate and acquire food for those that are not able. The Crows name and logo recognize these birds as a dynamic part of our city.

Adaptable. Resourceful. Go Crows!


Rochester Freeze

An unavoidable truth of residing in Rochester: the freeze is coming. The cold drives some away, and forces those that remain to become resilient and creative. The freezing temperatures bring ice to our waters and snow to our land. Those that embrace the weather will find a unique set of experiences not available to those in more moderate climates. The Freeze name and logo honor our northern spirit and recognize the weather that shapes our way of life.


Piercing. Inevitable. Go Freeze!


Rochester Moonlight

Archibald “Moonlight” Graham played minor league baseball for several years in the early 1900s. He made his major league debut in 1905 as a late game substitute for the New York Giants. Although he could not have known at the time, the game was his only opportunity to play in a major league contest. He was sent back to the minor leagues a few days later.

At the conclusion of his baseball career, Graham practiced medicine for 50 years as a successful and beloved doctor in Chisholm, Minnesota. He was known to provide free medical care for needy patients as well as free eye exams and eyeglasses to the children of the area. Author W.P. Kinsella discovered his story and incorporated it into his novel, Shoeless Joe, which was later adapted into the movie Field of Dreams. Graham and his wife Alecia are laid to rest in Calvary Cemetery in Rochester. The Moonlight name and logo honor the legacy of a fine ballplayer and an even better person.

Enduring. Illuminating. Go Moonlight!


Rochester Peregrines

Peregrine falcons are highly versatile raptors that reach speeds over 200 miles per hour while diving during a hunt. They are able to strike in-flight prey out of the air in an impressive display of maneuverability. Once an endangered species due to DDT and similar pesticides, peregrines began a recovery after the pesticide was banned and their nesting sites were granted protection. Through a partnership between the Midwest Peregrine Society and Mayo Clinic, peregrines have been hatching and fledging in downtown Rochester since 1987. The Peregrines’ logo and name honor these impressive birds, and those that have helped steward their resurgence.

Agile. Resilient. Go Peregrines!


Rochester Kernels

The Ear of Corn Water Tower is a beloved Rochester landmark. The Kernels name and logo pay tribute to this longstanding, iconic structure. The 50,000-gallon water tower was originally constructed to provide water to a cannery, and has changed hands several times over the years. In 2019, Olmsted County purchased the water tower and surrounding land. Restoration, including a new paint job, was completed in 2021, ensuring that the Ear of Corn Water Tower will continue to delight and inspire for years to come.

Kernels grow together. Where there is one, there are many. Go Kernels!


Rochester Herons

Rochester is home to a colony of great blue herons. While great blue herons typically nest near marshes, riverbanks, or lakeshores, our local herons have uniquely made their nests in an upland area. This majestic bird can be identified by its gray and blue feathers, head plume, and curved neck. Its impressive wingspan and slow, graceful wing beats are a remarkable sight. The great blue heron is known for stalking its prey and rapidly striking with the bill.

Persistent. Imposing. Go Herons!


Rochester Flood

In the summer of 1978, a flood forever changed the face of Rochester. Much damage was suffered as one fourth of the city was under 6 feet or more of water. Recovery began as the flood waters receded. People and organizations worked together to clean up the city and repair the damage. The Army Corp of Engineers developed a plan that would protect the city from future flood waters. The city had experienced a hardship and came through it stronger. The Flood name and logo is an acknowledgment of this event and a recognition of the resolution of our city and its people.

Powerful. Dynamic. Go Flood!


Rochester 52s

A critical piece of Minnesota infrastructure, Highway 52 enters in the southeast corner of the state before passing through Rochester and joining with Interstate 94 in St. Paul. The highway was first introduced to the state in 1934, and was initially formed by merging several preexisting state and federal routes. Construction on the Rochester Expressway of Highway 52 began in the 1950s, which replaced the two-lane highway between the Twin Cities and Rochester with a four-lane expressway. In 2005, the ROC 52 Project expanded the highway to a six-lane freeway within Rochester. Highway 52 is traveled by thousands of Rochester citizens every day and provides important connections both within the city and to surrounding communities. The 52s name and logo demonstrates appreciation for this vital roadway and all those that have worked to design, plan, construct, and maintain it.

Connected. Durable. Go 52s!


Rochester Choppers

The Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service helicopter is a common sight in the Rochester sky. The Choppers name and logo is a celebration of the first class medical service provided by this air ambulance and all of the people supporting it. The helicopter flies within a 150 mile radius of Rochester to provide care to patients with trauma or acute illness. The staff’s ability to promptly respond to critical situations has resulted in improved medical outcomes for countless patients.

Expedient. Selfless. Go Choppers!